Author: Carla Alvarez

15 Bible Verses About Love

Our culture talks a lot about love. Everyone is looking for it. Most of our songs are about it: finding love, being in love, or losing love . . . Or in the case of Taylor Swift, it is all three. But what does the Bible say about love? Here are 15 Bible verses about love The Characteristics of Love Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. ~ Ephesians 4:2   Hatred stirs up dissension, but Love covers all wrongs. Proverbs 10:12 Who We Are to Show Love to A friend loves at...

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What does God think of your house?

Would God be happy with your house?   Psalm 101 tells us what God expects from us, how he wants us to live, and what the lifestyle of people who are called by his name is supposed to look like. It addresses both our own actions as well as those with whom we associate.  Actually, the associations are part of the life of personal integrity David commits to in verse 2.   I will be careful to live a blameless life—    when will you come to help me?I will lead a life of integrity    in my own home. Then begins a...

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It’s Not All About You: A Lesson from the Life of Solomon

“It’s not all about you.” We say that to people sometimes. We may be in the middle of a conversation about something and they make it all about them, completely missing the point. Because their focus is directed inward, towards themselves rather than outward to others, they miss the point and don’t understand what is being said. We had a talk in Sunday School about a person with that failing. No, it wasn’t on Moses’ pharaoh, Daniel’s Nebuchadnezzar, or Paul’s Agrippa. It was 1 Kings 3 and the account of Solomon who asked God for wisdom. Solomon is known...

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The Duggars, Servants, and Our Post-Modern World

I don’t watch the Duggars and don’t have an opinion on them other than holding the opinion that you shouldn’t be taking about “God’s Will” in relation to family size unless you are actually raising a baby the way we were naturally designed to do, which is extended and on demand nursing and weaning between ages 2 to 3 rather than at 6 months. Google, I guess, seems to think I am interested in them as this article was suggested in my feed. The headline: Jim Bob and Michelle Keep Calling Their Kids Servants The uproar began over an...

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Atheists, Cessationists, and What They Have in Common

Atheists and cessationists are those who hold two very different belief systems. One says that there is no God, the other believes in God and Christ as Lord, so what could they have in common? Definitions First, let’s define our terms: Atheist: An atheist is one that believes that there is no God. Buddhism is one of the few religions that believes that there is no God. It is atheistic. Theist: A theist believes that there is a God or multiple gods. Most religions of the world are theistic. They believe in some sort of Supreme Being even if...

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