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The Voice of God, the Man of God and the Prophet

There is an interesting passage in the book of 1 Kings about the true voice of God, a man of God, and a prophet. It was the in time of the divided kingdom, Jeroboam was the first king of the northern nation of Israel after the people had revolted against Solomon’s successor, Rehoboam (over taxes . . . Go figure.) (1 Kings 12:6-17)

Reading through the Psalms Day 50: Psalm 50, 100, & 150

In both the times of David and today, there are talkers and then there are doers . . . those who seek God with their whole heart. God doesn’t want actions for show, he is looking for those with a sincere heart. Psalm 50 makes this clear. He will answer those who serve him in truth (v 15,) but those who are just making a show are doomed for destruction. (v 22)

Reading through the Psalms Day 49: Psalm 49, 99, & 149

There is an expression, “You can’t take it with you.” This sentiment is clearly expressed in Psalm 49. Not only can one not take their wealth with them, but it won’t save them from the grave (verses 6-9) and it can’t redeem another.

Reading through the Psalms Day 48: Psalm 48, Psalm 98, & Psalm 148

Psalm 48 speaks of the confidence in the protection of God who has claimed Jerusalem and Mount Zion for his own. Psalm 98 speaks of his ultimate victory and when he will judge all in righteousness, and Psalm 148 again proclaims that all the earth praises him.

Reading through the Psalms Day 47: Psalm 47, 97, & 147

Psalm 47, 97, and 147 are all three about the joy that is only found in God’s righteousness. Romans 8:19-22 states that the earth groans under the wickedness of man, of sin that is ruling the earth. Psalm 97:1 states that the earth itself, the very land, rejoices when God’s truth reigns.

Reading through the Psalms Day 45: Psalm 45, 95, 145

Psalm 45 begins a set of three Psalms in which David exalts in the glory of God throughout the circumstances of life. Psalm 45 is a wedding song, to be sung during a time of joy. Psalm 95 tells of God’s great care for his people, even when they rebel. He praises God for his goodness and faithfulness and expresses the confident hope, that as Jesus assured in Matt xxx x, that all who seek God in truth will find him. (Psalm 145:18)

Reading through the Psalms Day 44: Psalm 44, 94, & 144

In Psalm 44, David reflects on the works of God, of his goodness to the people of Israel and how he delivered them. He also acknowledges the righteousness and justice of God, that because of Israel’s sin, they experienced judgment. Psalm 94 again speaks about the justice of God, that the wicked will get their due rewards. Psalm 144 is a confident praise that regardless of the circumstances, God will deliver those who put their trust in him.

Reading through the Psalms Day 43: Psalm 43, 93, & 143

In Psalm 143, David acknowledges that no one is righteous in God’s sight and we have no right to claim justice from God on our own merits. The set of Psalms: 43, 93, and 143, are about going to God for justice on the basis of relationship, because of his love and mercy for his. That he alone saves.

Reading through the Psalms Day 42: Psalm 42, 92, & 142

Psalm 23 is probably the most well known out of the 150 Psalms in the Bible. It is a declaration of David’s confident assurance that God will be with him no matter what the circumstances, whatever valleys life brings. But not many are familiar with Psalm 42 which is also about the valleys of life. If Psalm 23 is about God’s faithfulness in the valley, Psalm 42 is what it actually feels like to walk through it.


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