Saint Valentine and Standing Firm

It’s Valentine’s Day, and most of us are focusing on notes, sweets, and spending time with loved ones. But in looking at the root of the holiday, there is a deeper meaning and lessons to be learned.

Like many of our holidays (“holy days,”) Valentine’s Day began as an observance on the church calendar marking the death of a saint, a believer who numbers among the “great cloud of witnesses” in Hebrews 12:1 that we can be encouraged by and take example from.

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Love Notes on Facebook

Have you ever had times where you just know that God is talking to you through a series of events or messages?

Sometimes I get that through Facebook. Sometimes different friends, all unconnected to each other, will post encouraging messages on the same topic in such a short period of time so that when I scroll down my feed, it is almost like one continuous stream.

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Positioned for Promise in 2014

The start of 2014 has been . . . interesting so far.  The new year started with some situations that needed to be resolved.  Two weeks in, I can say that clarity has been given for one issue and focus and direction is coming in another.  Doors are opening, (after all, we are in the Jewish year 5774, the year of open doors) and I’m excited to see what God has for me around the corner.

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Christmas, Candy Canes, and Chaos

A week ago my daughter, Avery, came home from a church LEAD team party bubbling with stories of her friends.  She had a candy cane in hand and showed me the card with a poem about candy canes.  I’m sure you’ve seen it:

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St Nicholas and Isaiah 58

As I mentioned in another post, I go into the Kingwood Garden Center once a week to get information for their newsletter.  This week Michal wanted to include a blurb titled “Ho, Ho, Ho!  Merry Citrus” as a lead in to suggest giving citrus trees as gifts.

As I started gathering the information, the thought crossed my mind to see if there was actually a connection between Christmas and oranges.  So I googled “Christmas and oranges” and a whole series of articles on oranges in Christmas stockings and St. Nicholas came up.

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The Year of Open Doors

The Hebrew year 5774 began on September 4th with Rosh Hashanah. Each Hebrew letter also has a numerical value and pictorial meaning. I found a beautiful article explaining the meaning the year that just commenced.

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Community, Baptisms & Fall Riot

The other week was Fall Riot at Second.  It’s kind of a kick off for the fall programs at the church for middle and high schoolers.  It’s the main time when the church really encourages the kids to invite their friends to come with them to church.  It’s not the only time.  After all, we are always supposed to be ready to tell others about Christ and welcoming them to be part of our church family.  But in in the weeks leading up, the primary focus is “invite your friends”

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What I Learned at the Garden Center Today

This morning I was at the Kingwood Garden Center.   This isn’t my normal day to be there.  Usually,  I go in on Monday, get any information and pictures for the weekly newsletter and blog post and any other marketing projects that need to be done, and everything is wrapped up by Tuesday with the newsletter scheduled to send Thursday morning.

But Bob and Michal are at a trade show this week and the plants they wanted to feature weren’t in,  so I suggested recording a video we had been discussing on vertical gardening.  It was originally scheduled for last month, but they wanted to move the location and replant it.  Bob said, “Go for it.”

The plan was to go in the next day, Tuesday, but several people were sick and they were short staffed, so Diane, the person that would be doing the video, and I decided Wednesday would be better.

So today, we had just finished testing the sound to record the video on vertical gardening and a customer had a question about a problem with his crepe myrtle.  I said, “Hey, would it be okay if we video Diane answering your question?”  He agreed, and so we did.

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