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Hearing God’s Voice : Thoughts & A Review of Discerning the Voice of God Score 82%

Hearing God’s Voice : Thoughts & A Review of Discerning the Voice of God

Sunday, someone in my Bible Study asked me if I could pray for them this week.  She was facing some decisions regarding her job situation. This is something we’ve discussed and prayed about several times over the past year.

It’s not a question of finding a job.  She is very blessed in that it always seems that she has a variety of choices.  The issue is “which” job is the right one for her.

I guess it’s been awhile since we discussed her job.  She had started with a company that was a new launch, that was faith based, and I had thought things were going well.  But she said, “I thought God was leading me to another company.”  She started that job a few weeks ago.  Then she said,

“But I think what I was hearing was something else.”

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Renting Lacy Summary Score 93%

Renting Lacy Summary

One part of the Holocaust March of Remembrance memorial service, at least here in Houston, is the testimony of Nazi descendants telling the story of what their parents or grandparents did, expressing their repentance, and seeking forgiveness from Holocaust survivors and their descendants.  It is a very powerful moment. It is also one that gets some people a little agitated.  The concept of identificational repentance really bothers some Christians who think that we’re saved by grace that we don’t have to deal with any other baggage. Not only is the testimony of the Germans one of forgiveness, but there story is also one of how exposing and repenting of those actions not only set them free personally, but it has transformed their city.  (Here is an article on the power of identificational repentance.)

Unclean Hands

So what does this have to do with this book? This past year, we had seven marches in two days in Houston.  Six on Saturday in communities around the city in the formation of the Star of David and one in Central Houston on Sunday.  Eleven Nazi descendants flew in on Friday to speak at the different locations.  On Saturday night, the planning team had dinner with the Germans. We know their story.  They are warring for change in their community by breaking the silence, exposing what really happened, and repenting. One of them asked Mitch, “So what does your city have to repent of?” He replied, “Well, we have the largest abortion mill in the nation, we are a major hub for human and sex trafficking . . . ” and went on with a list of other things.

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Nine Days in Heaven Review Score 69%

Nine Days in Heaven Review

One day I was browsing through the bookstore at my church while waiting to pick up my kids and I came across this book, Nine Days in Heaven, by Dennis and Nolene Prince.

The book is an update of one originally written titled Scenes from Beyond the Grave in 1859 by Marietta Davis, a young woman who was in a coma for 9 days, during which time she had an experience of heaven.

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