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Against Chaplains in Public Schools

Against Chaplains in Public Schools On May 24, 2023, The Texas legislature pass Senate Bill 763 allowing public school districts to replace mental health counselors with chaplains, which could be paid or volunteer. The bill went...

How to Tell a Story

How do you tell a story? We all tell stories, whether it is giving a persuasive speech, wooing a new client, launching an ad campaign, or writing an actual fictional account. It is a part of the human experience, but just like so many things that are common such as interacting with other human beings in a courteous way, learning to fold clothes properly, and how to feed oneself beyond grabbing the nearest junk food, it needs to be taught.

Is Easter Pagan?

Is Easter pagan? You will see that claim come up. Sometimes it is made by skeptics. Sometimes it...

What Can the Past Tell Us About the Present?

We like to think that we in the twenty-first century are a modern and advanced society. We may be technologically advanced, but I think what has been on display in the past few years is how much we have regressed as a people....