2023 Advent Read-Along: Light in the Darkness

#NoFear Devotional

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About Light in the Darkness

Nearly everyone has experienced some form of trauma in their life through the loss of a loved one, childhood trauma, natural disaster, or, most recently, a pandemic. Trauma sometimes makes connecting to God difficult especially during the holidays.

Charlotte Thomason, author and survivor of childhood trauma, wrote  Light in the Darkness to provide a simple tool for survivors to connect with God during the holiday season and beyond. The book includes 25 simple and engaging daily devotionals covering 4 weekly topics: Hope, Love, Peace, and Joy. Each devotional includes space for reflection and prayer. Each week of the read along you will have an opportunity to reflect and share your insights, joys, and struggles with others during the weekly Zoom meetings.

Join author, Charlotte Thomason for a time of refreshment and renewal with a read-along of her devotional, Light in the Darkness: 25 Devotionals for Trauma Survivors.

How to Join the Read-Along

  1. Order a copy of Light in the Darkness
  2. Register for the read-along below
  3. Join the private Facebook discussion group
  4. Mark your calendar for the kick-off livestream on November 26th.

Links to the private Facebook group and online events will be emailed upon registration.

Advent Read-Along

November 26th – January 7th

  • Nov 26th, 8 pm CT:  Livestream kick-off. Watch online at YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, or in read-along discussion group
  • Dec 1st: First day of devotional reading
  • Dec 7th, 8 pm CT: “Hope” Zoom discussion
  • Dec 14th, 8 pm CT: ‘Love” Zoom discussion
  • Dec 21st, 8 pm CT:  “Peace” Zoom discussion
  • Dec 25th: Last day of devotional reading
  • Dec 28th, 8 pm CT:  “Joy” Zoom discussion
  • Jan 7th, 8 pm CT:  Livestream wrap-up

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Light in the Darkness

About the Author

With a Master of Science in Social Work, a Master of Arts in Cultural Apologetics, over 30 years of experience in social work, and as a survivor of childhood trauma, Charlotte Thomason has seen, both professionally and personally, the devastation created by child abuse. She wants to use her experience to bring hope to those who feel lost and hopeless due to childhood trauma and bring encouragement to those who help them.