“Fulfill your promise to your servant, so that you may be feared.” Psalm 119:38

Often when talking to unbelievers about what God has done for me, the response is derision. They will say, “Why would God help YOU rather than some starving child in Africa?” perverting a thankful praise to God into what they see as evidence of injustice. The attitude is “who do you think YOU are?” How absurd is it to think that God would care about the little details of your life?

Yes, that is the extravagant claim of Christianity, that God so loved US, each of us individually, that He came to suffer and die for us. If He would do that, why wouldn’t He care about the life he paid such a high price to redeem?

However, God keeping his promises to us is not just about us. It is about His faithfulness, His character, and His Word. We can stand on the Word of God and be #confident that He will do what He says because by doing so He defends His own name.

He will not go back on his word because doing anything else would make Him less than He is. He would not be the perfect God if His actions did not measure up to His words.

Daniel understood this and included this in his prayer for Israel, praying that God would fulfill the word to the prophet Jeremiah without delay and end his people’s captivity. (Daniel 9:19)

When God fulfills his Word and keeps his promises of safety and blessings to His people, it is not just for us, He is protecting His own name.