Hoping in the Lord

Jul 23, 2023


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Sometimes we read passages in the Bible and simply gloss over the words. What did the words really mean to the writer and what do they mean to you when you’re looking for hope. Sunday thoughts on Psalm 31.

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About Norman Geisler

2:56- Thoughts from Afghan Christians on Psalm 31
16:09 Afghanistan News

Just a Reminder, the Taliban are Terrorists

After the Doha Agreement, the Taliban attacks increased

June 21, 2023: Some disconnect within the Taliban government

July 19, 2023: Taliban’s Ministry of Vice and Virtue Sets Confiscated Musical Instruments on Fire

July 22, 2023: Taliban assaults women in Herat province for not complying with dress code

Taliban assaults women in Herat province for not complying with dress code

The Taliban shoot at women with water hoses and fire over their heads because of their protests.

More propaganda

* FORMER AFGHAN MP, RAMAZAN BASHARDOST, REPORTEDLY ARRESTED  –  Several reports have come in concerning the possible arrest of former MP Dr. Ramazan Bashardost.  Dr. Bashardost, who was also a former Minister of Planning and an Afghan presidential candidate may have been tortured shortly after being picked up by GDI Agents.  His current whereabouts are unknown and many in the Hazara community are concerned that he is still being interrogated by the Taliban.

From the Afghan Digest

* TALIBAN CONFIRMS DECISION TO PROHIBIT WOMEN FROM TAKING UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAM  –  Some rumors had been swirling for months that women might finally be allowed to take the Kankor entrance exams.  Many had high hopes they would be allowed to sit for the exam after receiving invitations to apply earlier in the year.  However, in a letter signed by the Minister of Higher Education, those hopes were dashed and no women will be allowed to take the exam in 2023.

From the Afghan Digest

* ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE IN AFGHANISTAN HAS BEEN ABOLISHED  –  The Taliban announced it would dissolve the Attorney’s General office and a new institution called the Directorate of Supervision and Prosecution of Decrees and Orders will take its place.  While the Taliban have framed the move as a ‘streamlining’ method, many point to the title as confirmation that the Supreme Leader wants a loyal department to enforce his proclamations and edicts.  There are concerns the new directorate will not be able to carry out civil cases and will instead rely on vague Sharia precepts to make rulings.


In 2021, the Taliban took over the bar association.

2021 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Afghanistan


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24:02- Kind of like Texas

Our much and long indicted Attorney General, Ken Paxton finally got impeached. It is utterly disgusting to me that anyone would give money to back and support that crook. If you know what he is and continue to support him, you are just as dirty as he is.

Ken Paxton, impeached and suspended from office, raised $1.7 million in less than 2 weeks
Paxton’s campaign said 2,343 donors contributed to the Republican attorney general in 12 days when a fundraising freeze lifted after the regular legislative session.

Like our Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick, who accepts $3 million from a PAC backing Paxton and then promptly issues a gag order on all of the impeachment trial participants. Patrick likes to get up on stage at the Woodway campus at Second Baptist. Life is short, eternity is long and Calvinism is a lie … you might be very surprised at what Jesus will have to say to you.

July 18 2023: Pro-Paxton group gives $3 million to impeachment trial judge Dan Patrick
Defend Texas Liberty was the lieutenant governor’s largest benefactor in late June, providing a $1 million donation and $2 million loan to his campaign.

July 17, 2023: Acting as Paxton impeachment judge, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick issues sweeping gag order
“Prejudicial and inflammatory statements” from both sides have jeopardized the ability of senators to offer fair and impartial justice, Patrick says. Violators can be found in contempt, jailed and fined.

24:57- AFghans in Pakistan

Posturing by IOM-Pakistan

Possible Crimean-Congo Fever in Pakistan

25:02- Afghanistan and the West

There is a push at the UN to whitewash the Taliban

26:39- Useful idiot of the week – Tobias Ellwood

Tobias Elwood, a British MP, gushes over the “transformed” Afghanistan under the Taliban and suggests relations are restored. The backlash is intense.

July 18, 2023: Tobias Ellwood is being the Taliban’s useful idiot

“Somebody needs to make him take this down. I received photographs this morning of three people murdered by the Taliban due to their work for the West, and of a three year old whose arm was broken because his Dad worked for the British.” Trina Lawrie @trina1982t2

July 19, 2023: Tory MP Tobias Ellwood apologises for praising Afghanistan under Taliban rule
The chair of Parliament’s Defence Select Committee said he ‘made a mistake’ and has since pulled down the clip, after outcry from his colleagues

July 19, 2023: Tory MP Tobias Ellwood deletes video ‘lauding’ Taliban in Afghanistan
The Commons Defence Committee chairman faced criticism from fellow Conservatives over the clip.

July 19, 2023: Tobias Ellwood: I got it wrong on Afghanistan clip, says Conservative MP
A senior Tory has expressed regret for posting a video in which he said Afghanistan had been “transformed” under the Taliban.

28:20- Texas’s horrific treatment of immigrants

I mentioned a state part, it is Brazos Bend State park

The razor wire along the bank of the Rio Grande is bad enough, but it gets worse …

July 17, 2020: Exclusive: Texas troppers told to push children into rio Grande, deny water to migrants, records way.

The viciousness of Greg Abbott’s pandering. Barb wire in the Rio Grande

A whistleblower describes what Abbott instructed border patrol to do.

“The email highlights several distressing incidents witnessed by the trooper. In one instance, a pregnant woman was found caught in the razor wire, experiencing excruciating pain as she suffered a miscarriage. Another incident involved a four-year-old girl who fainted due to heat exhaustion after attempting to traverse the wire, only to be forcefully pushed back by Texas National Guard soldiers. Furthermore, a teenager fractured his leg while navigating the water around the wire and had to be carried by his father.

The trooper’s email also reveals that Texas has strategically placed razor wire-wrapped barrels in certain sections of the river with high water levels and low visibility, effectively setting what they referred to as “traps.” This dangerous setup has inadvertently compelled migrants to venture into “

The Justice Department is looking into Abbott’s actions

After the recent changes to defensive asylum, there is a ban on requesting asylum at the border except for a few minor exceptions, unless they do so through an appointment with the CBP One app, which are very limited.

May 22, 2023: What is President Biden’s proposed ‘asylum ban’ and what does it mean for people seeking safety?

Most of the people crossing the border illegally, immediately present themselves to border agents to request asylum … they will now, under the current laws, most likely be deported automatically and get a ban on their ID. We are now no better than Pakistan, a third world country, in terms of asylum protection.

April 12, 2023:
‘All the doors are closed to Afghans’: from fall of Kabul to limbo in Mexico

Jan 11, 2023: CBP to begin requiring mobile app for asylum seekers to request protection at ports of entry

The point is, that this whole “crisis at the border” is completely manufactured and Abbott’s cruelty and inhumane treatment of migrants is grounded in nothing other than his own depravity.

This is Abbott’s response to distract from the misery he’s inflicted on Texans. If he weren’t bought and paid for by big donors, he would be more concerned about the welfare of the residents of the state as a whole.

40:46- U.S. Immigration and SIV applications

SIV applications processed as of March 31, 2023

Report to Congress on Posting of the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Quarterly Report

Step 4 – 69,05922 principal applicants were pending COM approval. These applicants submitted all their documents and were being reviewed for COM approval.

Chuck Grassley shoots down Afghan hopes for relief

July 19, 2023: House-approved Defense Bill Does Not Increase or Extend Special Immigrant Visas for Afghans

US Department of Defense Outsourcing Vetting of Afghan Visas

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