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What is the Spirit of Harlotry?

The prophet Hosea had a word of warning for the people of Israel, one that was brought with a vivid illustration of how the Lord viewed their worship. We are familiar with God using visions and dreams to speak to his people, but prophets were also often instructed to perform physical acts symbolizing either the listeners’ spiritual state, the coming judgment, or the promised restoration. This is true in the Book of Hosea.

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Who Was Athaliah in the Bible?

Who was Athaliah in the Bible? The Jewish queen most people are familiar with from the Bible is Queen Esther; however, although Esther was Jewish, she was the queen of Persia and did not reign in her own right. Athaliah is the only queen, either in Israel or Judah, that reigned in her own right … even though that reign was obtained illegally.The account of Athaliah’s reign is found in 2 Kings 8:16-11:16 and 2 Chronicles 22:10-23:15.This is part of the 2019 One Year Chronological Bible study

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When the Tide Begins to Turn

As we walked along the beach at low tide at the Siletz Bay, we saw something that we just couldn’t quite place. What seemed like a wave, zipping along the edge of the shore from the sea into the bay. I hadn’t seen...

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