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About A Dish of Orts

Read the thoughts of the man who influenced three generations of philosophers and writers. Lovers of fantasy, literary apologetics, and Christian thought will appreciate A Dish of Orts, MacDonald’s work on using the imagination to lift and enliven the mind.

George MacDonald, considered the pioneer of the fantasy genre, had an impact on the mind and imaginations of some of the most influential Christian writers of the 20th century. C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, and J.R.R. Tolkien all were greatly impacted by both MacDonald’s imaginative fiction as well as his sermons and social commentary.

At the hub of the English Victorian literary circles, MacDonald was friends with many of the literary luminaries of his day such as Poet Laureate Alfred Tennyson, William Thackeray, John Ruskin, as well as many others.. Lovers of Alice in Wonderland have George MacDonald to thank for its publication after Lewis Carroll (the pen name for C.L. Dodgson) was encouraged to publish the story after its enthusiastic reception by MacDonald’s children.

MacDonald was so widely regarded, that upon his passing, G.K. Chesteron said of him, “George MacDonald was one of the three or four greatest men of the nineteenth century.” This great man is gone, but his works remain. A Dish of Orts is a collection of essays by George MacDonald on topics ranging from imagination to Shakespeare, from poetry to living the true Christian life. This new annotated edition bridges the gap for 21st-century readers to MacDonald’s 19th-century world.

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