An Unexpected Journal: Courage, Strength & Hope


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An Apologetic View on the Redemptive Power of Stories

C.M. Alvarez, Contributor: “Hope, Life, and the Fountain of Trevi,” a reflection on the enduring draw of the famous fountain; “Lava: “A Story of Love and Hope” on the deeper meanings found within the Pixar short; and “The Making of a Hero,” a commentary on the forms of courage and an illustration of its development found in C.S. Lewis’s Till We Have Faces and the film, Dear Frankie directed by Shona Auerbach.

Where would a culture be without its heroes and their acts of courage? How can a society survive without strength and hope?

It is in the dark times and in moments of weakness that stories of courage and strength, those which promise hope, have the most value. This issue explores the redemptive power of stories and their ability to impact and transform.

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