An Unexpected Journal: The Abolition of Man.


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Reflections on CS Lewis’s Essay on the Decline of Humanity

C.M. Alvarez, Contributor:  “From The Green Book to The River: Lewis, Relativism, and Constructivism in Education.” An essay illustrating the shortcomings of constructivism through Lewis’ reflections in The Abolition of Man and “The River” by Flannery O’Connor.

The Abolition of Man is a masterful commentary on objective truth and the dangers of relativism by the British scholar and apologist, C. S. Lewis. Composed in the middle of a world wracked by war and threatened by totalitarianism during the mid-twentieth century, Lewis warned against the ideologies leading to destruction which he saw creeping into his own society.

Lewis’ warnings are particularly salient today. This collection of essays explores the truth Lewis offers and its applications in the current day.

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