Recognizing Manipulation: Propaganda & Politics

Apr 30, 2023



Timestamps, Links, and Sources

0:00- Intro

3:40- The impact of Manipulation

7:50- Recognizing Manipulation

Signs of Manipulation in Relationships

9:20- The manipulation to recognize the Taliban

15:54- Manipulation in local school board elections

Texans for Educational Freedom Finance Reports

23:30- Manipulation by political PACs

37:40- Manipulation in political campaigns

47:20- Manipulation and propaganda

Ebook – How propaganda works

Propaganda Principles

49:50- How to respond to manipulators

53:00- Manipulation – the end doesn’t justify the means

59:57- Team Kabul Hope update

1:07:20- how to help Afghan Christians

Afghan Women Protest in Kabul

Thank You to Our Supporters

Team Kabul Hope