Recognizing Manipulators: Being On Guard

May 10, 2023

Links and Sources

0:00- Intro

1:00- Helping Afghan Christians

07:00- Propaganda vs truth

9:10- Characteristics of Manipulators


What is gaslighting? And how do you know if it’s happening to you?

What Is Gaslighting? Meaning And Examples

It’s Not Me, It’s You: Projection Explained in Human Terms


Manipulation: Signs, Causes, and Types of Manipulative Behavior

19 Red Flags You’re Being Manipulated, According To Therapists

19:35- Manipulation is abuse **

Sanctuaries for the Suffering: Trauma and Imagination in Apologetics

Finding Sanctuaries with Charlotte Thomason and Jesse Baker

21:29- The impact of manipulation on Emotional Intelligence **

‘you can make yourself simple if you’re constantly denying truth and reality.”

Emotional intelligence

28:19- Emotions are God’s channel of communication **

32:40- The impact of manipulation on the victim

34:58- Examples of Manipulators – Humble ISD school board election.

Aged Facebook Accounts for Sale

Humble ISD Election Campaign Filings

Rules for Political Campaign Calls and Texts

Access to and Use of Voter Registration Lists

Texas Senate votes to allow Gov. Abbott to overturn Harris County elections

‘No need’: Taliban dissolves Afghanistan election commission

Texas greenlighted a felon to train school board members. Now education officials are examining their rules.

Consultant Faces 7 Misdemeanor Charges for ‘Ugly’ School Board Campaign Texts

The full James Dunn/Rick Nolte/CCDF scandal timeline

49:50- When you think you’re the hero and you’re actually the villian

51:10- Widespread immorality and corruption

53:33- Clip: Lee Strobel on the difference on person cam make

1:12:10- Manipulators and predators in the church

Claims against Willow Creek’s Bill Hybels of ‘sexually inappropriate’ conduct are credible, new report says

Willow Creek Church Announces Investigation After New Explosive Allegations Against Bill Hybels

Taliban kill Afghan allies

1:19:34- The end does not justify the means

1:28:33- Treasures in Heaven

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