The Connection Between Fear & Idolatry

Mar 26, 2023

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We experience fear because of things we cannot control. What is the connection between fear and idolatry?

Timestamps, Links, and Resources

0:00- Doing things you think you can’t

An Unexpected Journal: Mystery Launch Party

March 28, 2013: April 6 event, video: Luminaries gather at Holocaust March of Remembrance in Kingwood

Review of Invisible Enemies by Jim Croft

22:27- The connection between fear & idolatry

July 27, 2022: ‘Thou Shalt Not Seethe a Kid in Its Mother’s Milk’: Peculiar Scripture Illuminated by Archaeology
Why is this biblical command repeatedly used in the context of harvesting fields?

29:18- Thanks to our supporters


33:47- Update on Afghan Christians
46:20- International hostility towards Afghans

March 23, 2023: Pakistan steps up crackdown on Afghan refugees, adds new restrictions
‘We are treated like we are criminals.’

50:35- Gaslighting in the Media

Denmark announces tht it is granting asylum to all female Afghans

February 24, 2023- Denmark, Sweden Offer Protection to All Women, Girls from Afghanistan

Oh … but wait …


Hall of Shame

IDS International Government Services Inc

IDS is making a big deal out of helping with evacuations …. but is not providing contractors the recommendation letters they need for SIV applications … making those evacuations complete irrelevant

February 9, 2022: IDS International Partners With No One Left Behind

IDS International Partners With No One Left Behind

October 13, 2022: Trump ordered rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan after election loss

February 16, 2016: Afghanistan: Taliban Child Soldier Recruitment Surges
Children Trained in Madrasas to Fight, Plant IEDs,Human%20Rights%20Watch%20said%20today.

January 13, 2019: ‘The Taliban Made Me Fight’: What to Do With Child Recruits After They Serve Time?

1:08:58 UNHCR update & Welcome Corps



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