As believers, our first step on the path to growing our gift is to be able to discern the presence of the Holy Spirit.  He has a tangible presence and we should recognize him when he comes.

We should also invite his presence.  One of my pastors, Pastor Quanidos, says, “The Holy Spirit is a gentleman.  He won’t come in if we don’t ask.”

The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, and peace,[1] and that is what he brings with his presence.

Sometimes there is an stillness that comes, an intense stillness.[2] Sometimes the air will feel thick (in a good way.)  Sometimes you will smell a fragrance along with his presence,[3]  or you might feel a wind.[4]

Sometimes people can see the presence.  I was just talking to someone in my church last week who shared that she had once seen a cloud, the Shekinah glory.[5]  Not everyone at the service saw it, but several people did and confirmed it.



You may be in a situation where you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and other people don’t experience the same thing.  This can be because, as I mentioned before, we are all unique and God relates to us as individuals.[6]

But it also might be because they are spiritually closed off, either because they have unconfessed sin in their life[7] or because they just aren’t open to experiencing God in a tangible way.[8]

God won’t force on us something that we don’t want.

But for someone who is an unbeliever, the presence of the Holy Spirit can be a completely different experience.  It may bring conviction, or it says that it can be like a foul odor to those who don’t believe.

Again, it is very important as you are growing in your spiritual gift to be around people who are on the same path.

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