the fragrance of the father's heart

The Fragrance of the Father’s Heart

Are there certain smells that you associate with specific people?   The smell of Old Spice always reminds me of my dad.  He wore it for years and it was one of my go-to gifts for him for a long time. Peppermint reminds me of my grandma because she would always give us a peppermint lozenge when she had her coffee.  It was a special thing. As I mentioned in other posts on detecting scents ...
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Fighting Discouragement & Why Little Things Matter

There was a smell and a sense of something that seemed to be moving throughout the room.    I was at the Woodway Campus attending a class called Missio Dei, Mission of God.  A ten week class, each week a featured speaker would share about the ministry they were involved in.  Some were involved in international missions, some national, and others were with local city based missions within in the church ...
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candy canes

Christmas, Candy Canes, and Chaos

A week ago my daughter, Avery, came home from a church LEAD team party bubbling with stories of her friends.  She had a candy cane in hand and showed me the card with a poem about candy canes.  I'm sure you've seen it: Look at the Candy Cane What do you see? Stripes that are red Like the blood shed for me White is for my Savior Who’s sinless and pure! “J” is for Jesus ...
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discerning of spirits examples

Discerning of Spirits Examples

While we should always test from the Bible first, I think it also helps to hear real life stories from the present day to help identify what we are experiencing.  I've read several books on this, but I found James Goll's book, The Seer, to be particularly helpful because he described how the developing of the gift of discerning of spirits started, not just what he experiences now. As Paul says, we are to grow in the ...
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discerning the presence of the holy spirit

Discerning the Presence of the Holy Spirit

As believers, our first step on the path to growing our gift is to be able to discern the presence of the Holy Spirit.  He has a tangible presence and we should recognize him when he comes. We should also invite his presence.  One of my pastors, Pastor Quanidos, says, "The Holy Spirit is a gentleman.  He won't come in if we don't ask." The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, and peace, (( ...
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learning and discerning

Learning and Discerning: An Interesting Week

This month has been very interesting so far.  When I look back over my notes, there have been quite a few "lessons" in God's training program. One of the overreaching arcs of what I've been learning in the past year is about spiritual warfare:  what it is, what it actually looks like, and what we are supposed to do about it.  Volunteering in a prayer ministry, I've come to realize that there is more demonic ...
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