Job 37: When God is Hidden

In Job chapter 37, we come to the end of Elihu’s response to Job. Elihu began his speech by addressing Job’s friends, telling them that they were speaking from their own understanding, Elihu, however, states that he has received understanding from God and gives glory to God alone. Elihu next addresses Job and takes Job to task for claiming that there is no benefit to serving God. In chapter 36, Elihu assures Job that when ...
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The Voice of God, the Man of God and the Prophet

There is an interesting passage in the book of 1 Kings about the voice of God, a man of God and a prophet. It was the in time of the divided kingdom, Jeroboam was the first king of the northern nation of Israel after the people had revolted against Solomon’s successor, Rehoboam (over taxes . . . Go figure.) (1 Kings 12:6-17) ...
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review on priscilla shirer discerning the voice of god

Hearing God’s Voice : Thoughts & A Review of Discerning the Voice of God

Sunday, someone in my Bible Study asked me if I could pray for them this week.  She was facing some decisions regarding her job situation.   This is something we've discussed and prayed about several times over the past year. It's not a question of finding a job.  She is very blessed in that it always seems that she has a variety of choices.  The issue is "which" job is the right one for her. I ...
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