What would it look like if we acted like we believed God existed? I don’t mean “just” exists. Many people believe that there is a God, they may not particularly want to commit to all that comes with believing in the God of Abraham and Isaac and who redeemed the world as Jesus of Nazareth, but they do have this murky idea of a great being that who is as Aristotle believed, the “First Cause.”

But I’m not talking about theists. I’m talking right now specifically about Christians, Christ-followers. Those who profess to believe in the Risen Christ and who claim to be his followers.

What would it look like if we all actually lived like we believed it?

If you knew that tomorrow at 3 p.m. Israel time that Jesus would enter Jerusalem through the Eastern Gate and that the day afterwards you would be called before him to give an account for yourself . . . What would your feelings be? ((Ezekiel’s sees the “glory of the God of Israel” entering through the Eastern Gate of Jerusalem in his vision recordedin Ezekiel 43:1-4. Two Ottoman rulers, Saladin in 1187 and Suleiman the Magnificient in 1541, walled up the gate with the intent to forestall this prophecy.))

Would you be happy? Excited to share all that you have been doing and get his response?

Or if he showed up at your doorstep and said, “Hey, I decided to spend the day with you today,” would your words and actions be the same as they are now? Would you be willing to give him an inside look at the books of your business? Would you want to take him with you on your upcoming schedule of activities? Would you let him read your emails and text messages over your shoulder?

Because you know he already does. He knows your actions and your interactions. He knows your thoughts. And there will come a day when each one of us will stand before Him and have to give an account of every idle word and thought.

The blood of Jesus covers every sin that we have confessed, those we agree to turn from in repentance.

What is left on your list?