Are Some People Beyond Salvation?

Feb 26, 2023

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The Great Commission is to take the Gospel to all the nations, but are some people beyond salvation? Some Sunday thoughts.

Timestamps, Links, & Resources

0:00- Christianity in Pakistan

6:25- Are some people beyond salvation?

13:23- The damage from an ignorant witness

19:20- The Holy Spirit at work in Afghanistan

September 29, 2021: For Afghan Women, the Frightening Return of ‘Vice and Virtue’

23:29- MBB and CBB Christians

25:06- Kabul Hope update

January 30, 2023: An explosion at a Pakistan mosque leaves dozens dead and more than 150 injured

February 20, 2023: Rising terrorism in Pakistan may destabilize regional security

28:15- Persecution of Christians in Afghanistan

34:55- Immigration paths for Afghans

Difference between can’t and won’t

45:00- Blocks to Afghans receiving refugee status

48:45- Stories of Afghan refugees

59:20- How to Help Afghan Christians

1:08:00- Thanks to our supporters

Interview with Mark Andrew Ritchie




Afghan Geniza

January 3, 2013: Ancient manuscripts indicate Jewish community once thrived in Afghanistan

January 3, 2012: Medieval Jewish Manuscripts Reportedly Found in Afghanistan

Medieval Jewish Manuscripts Reportedly Found in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Virtual Jewish History Tour

Fierce Compassion: the Story of Donaldina Cameron


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