Against Chaplains in Public Schools

Against Chaplains in Public Schools On May 24, 2023, The Texas legislature pass Senate Bill 763 allowing public school districts to replace mental health counselors with chaplains, which could be paid or volunteer. The bill went...

The Appeal of the Gospel

What makes a person decide to become a Christian, especially in a country where they face persecution. Some Sunday thoughts on the appeal of the Gospel.

Jesus: A Person, Not A Gig

Often the church is focused on numbers and programs. But Christianity is about Jesus, and Jesus is a person, not a gig. Some Sunday thoughts.

Thankfulness vs Gratitude

We are wrapping up a holiday focused on thankfulness. But do we really understand what it means. Some Sunday thoughts.

The Danger of Misdirection

Sometimes an opportunity will seem like a good thing, but it is actually misdirection. Some Sunday thoughts.

Where is your trust?

We are saved by faith, and faith is trust that commits … but where are we really putting our trust? Some Sunday thoughts.

The Unexpected Journey: Where will your journey end?

We like to make plans and be certain of the results, to know what is coming around the corner. Some Sunday thoughts.

Blocked Blessings

There are many promises from the Lord in Scripture that he will bless his people. But what happens when we block those blessings? Some Sunday thoughts.

Missed Opportunities

Sometimes we complain that our life isn’t the way that we want, but is it the way it is because we’ve missed opportunities for something else? Some Sunday thoughts.