Watching Out for Snakes

Nov 15, 2023


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There are always snakes lurking and it’s important to be on guard. Some Sunday thoughts.

Timestamps, Topics, and Links

0:00- Intro

2:30- Watching out for snakes

Identifying Venomous and Nonvenomous Snakes in Texas

14:08- Watching out for manipulators

Playlist on Manipulation

18:09- Identifying manipulators on Twitter

September 8, 2023: My Brief Career as a Paid Pro-Paxton Propagandist
As the attorney general’s impeachment trial takes place, a shadowy group has mobilized an army of political influencers to support his acquittal. Our ethics laws aren’t keeping up.

March 30, 2023: A Betsy DeVos-backed group helps fuel a rapid expansion of public money for private schools
The American Federation for Children has found success amid a 20-year low in support for K-12 education and protests over lessons involving race and identity.

August 24, 2023: ‘Crisis In The Classroom’ School Choice Debate Gets Heated

September 11, 2023: The conservative push for “school choice” has had its most successful year ever
Why did it break through after decades of effort — and what comes next?

22:56- The importance of being on guard

Are You Willing to Be Wrong?

James 4:7

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you

26:11- Twitter propaganda about Afghanistan

June 23, 2011: Obama announces troop reductions, way forward in Afghanistan

Withdrawal of United States troops from Afghanistan (2011–2016)

Generation Jihad

Generation Jihad

Generation Jihad – Ep. 45 — President Biden’s Decision Points

November 6, 2023: Russia, China and Iran are backing Hamas online – report
Experts tell NY Times that propaganda and disinformation against Israel and US are stronger than ever; mass campaigns suggest ‘involvement of nations or large nonstate actors’

October 27, 2023: Senior Iranian envoy met Hamas representatives in Moscow as Russia seeks to expand its clout

November 1, 2023: Unraveling a Complex Web: A primer on Hamas funding sources,
Iranian support, global connections and compliance concerns, considerations

July 16, 2018: Trump sides with Russia against FBI at Helsinki summit

June 16, 2021: Still a summit secret: What happened in Helsinki between Putin and Trump?
Democrats say they are no longer pursuing records of the private meeting.

From 2017 to 2019, amid former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election, Democrats raised questions about Trump’s conversations with Putin, especially after Trump said in Helsinki, standing next to Putin, that he believed his 2017 denial of election interference, over the findings of U.S. intelligence.

Similar questions were raised after the disclosure of an unplanned conversation with Putin during a G-20 dinner in Osaka, Japan, in June 2019 during which Trump was not accompanied by an interpreter.

March 1, 2001: How to Revitalize a Dysfunctional State Department

How to Revitalize a Dysfunctional State Department

November 19, 2019: The State Department is weak and getting weaker. That puts us all at risk.
We need a robust diplomatic engine at the heart of our foreign policy.

July 9, 1993: State Department:
Management Weaknesses at the U.S. Embassies in Panama, Barbados, and Grenada

October 15, 2013: Watchdog Reports Security Weaknesses at State Department

32-30- Update on Afghan Christians in Pakistan

November 10, 2023: Pakistan: Halt mass detentions and deportations of Afghan refugees

Pakistan: Halt mass detentions and deportations of Afghan refugees

October 31, 2023: Pakistan: Afghans Detained, Face Deportation
End Coercion, Abuse, Forced Return of Refugees

November 11, 2023: Pakistan Deports Afghan Refugees

November 8, 2023: 1.7 million Afghans face deportation from Pakistan

36:30- Helping SIV families in Afghanistan

The Afghanistan Project Podcast Episode 4: Leslie Merriman with Our Culture is Giving

To donate for winter fuel for SIV families in Afghanistan, visit the site for Our Culture is Giving. When donating, put a note in the comments that it is for wood for fuel. They are supporting 12 families and the total needed for the winter is $300 per family.



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