When We’re Reaping the Whirlwind

Mar 19, 2023

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The prophet Hosea wrote, “Those that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.” What does that mean and what whirlwind is the U.S. reaping?

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0:00- Reaping the Whirlwind

December 12, 2016 – ‘They shall reap the whirlwind’: how Churchill harnessed Christianity in the service of war

‘They shall reap the whirlwind’: how Churchill harnessed Christianity in the service of war

“Put the trumpet to your lips!
An eagle is over the house of the Lord
because the people have broken my covenant
and rebelled against my law.
2 Israel cries out to me,
‘Our God, we acknowledge you!’
3 But Israel has rejected what is good;
an enemy will pursue him.
4 They set up kings without my consent;
they choose princes without my approval.
With their silver and gold
they make idols for themselves
to their own destruction.
5 Samaria, throw out your calf-idol!
My anger burns against them.
How long will they be incapable of purity?
6 They are from Israel!
This calf—a metalworker has made it;
it is not God.
It will be broken in pieces,
that calf of Samaria.

7 “They sow the wind
and reap the whirlwind.
The stalk has no head;
it will produce no flour.
Were it to yield grain,
foreigners would swallow it up.
– Hosea 8:1-7 NIV

4:50- The golden calf in the American Church

February 7, 2019 – How The CIA Overthrew Iran’s Democracy In 4 Days

February 24, 2004 Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001

13:35- The necessity of repentance
14:40- Thanks to our supporters
17:40- Update on Afghan Christians
25:10- Adjustments to Life

Equipped to Thrive with Charlotte Thomason

28:10- Immigration from Brazil to the U.S.

February 17, 2023: How the Biden Administration May Keep Asylum out of Reach After Title 42

How the Biden Administration May Keep Asylum out of Reach After Title 42

February 27, 2023: President Biden’s Proposed Asylum Ban: 5 Things to Know

January 10, 2019 Quality of life in Brazil: Personal Safety and Inclusiveness worsening, improvements seen in Nutrition and Basic Medical Care

Quality of life in Brazil: Personal Safety and Inclusiveness worsening, improvements seen in Nutrition and Basic Medical Care

Us News Quality of Life by country

36:40- Facing Reality

May 3, 2022: 10 of the Biggest Food Companies Basically Own Every Grocery Item You Buy

10 of the Biggest Food Companies Basically Own Every Grocery Item You Buy

Septemmber 28, 2016: These 10 companies control everything you buy

June 26, 2017: This Infographic Shows How Only 10 Companies Own All The World’s Food Brands
General Mills, Kellogg’s, and Unilever own just about everything

June 2, 2023: ‘Greedflation’: A once fringe theory of inflation gains momentum

June 16, 2023: Greedflation in Groceries Hits Wall of Frustrated Shoppers

November 1, 2022: Food Prices Soar, and So Do Companies’ Profits
Some companies and restaurants have continued to raise prices on consumers even after their own inflation-related costs have been covered.

March 9, 2022: Inflation or “corporate greed”? Meat prices increased by double digits during pandemic

March 12, 2023: ‘Global greedflation’: big firms ‘driving shopping bills to record highs’
Analysis by UK union shows large corporations have improved profits with price rises in cost of living crisis

February 9, 2023: American Dream For Rent: Crisis opened door to corporate buying spree
Investment firms elbow out individual buyers for single-family homes in metro Atlanta.

September 18, 2022: An American Dream, Deferred? Home Ownership Out of Reach for Newarkers
As Newarkers Grapple with Inflation, & Rising Rents, Large Corporate Investors are Gobbling Up Real Estate in the Poorest Neighborhoods

July 21, 2022: Who’s outbidding you by tens of thousands of dollars for that home of your dreams? A hedge fund
These buyers often come armed with the kind of financial firepower ordinary Americans can’t hope to match, housing experts say.

August 8, 2022: Hedge funds and the Housing Crisis

Hedge funds and the Housing Crisis.

August 16, 2022: Hedge Funds Gobbling up Single-family Housing
Traditional homebuyers and real estate investors are getting squeezed out by hedge funds with piles of cash aiming to buy and convert single-family homes into rentals

Hedge Funds Gobbling up Single-family Housing

April 14, 2023:; Buying a Home in Texas Often Requires Outbidding Big-Money Investors
A pair of bills at the Lege seek to help Texans compete for real estate against these deep-pocketed companies.

April 6, 2022: Most States Are Failing on Building Codes, FEMA Says
Thirty-nine states received the agency’s lowest score, including many of the most disaster-prone

November 16, 2022: Texas home insurance prices could soon become the highest in the country

July 12, 2022: Texas getting $173 million in home weatherization funds

March 8, 2022: Millions of Texans lack home weatherization that can save energy, lives

December 2, 2017: Builders Said Their Homes Were Out of a Flood Zone. Then Harvey Came.

August 31, 2017: 3 Reasons Houston Was A ‘Sitting Duck’ For Harvey Flooding

August 24, 2018: A year after the floods, Texas mulls lessons of Hurricane Harvey

A year after the floods, Texas mulls lessons of Hurricane Harvey

November 2, 2017: After Harvey, buyouts won’t be the answer for frequent flood victims in Texas
Even after Hurricane Harvey, the best efforts by Harris County officials to purchase the most flood-prone homes won’t make a dent in the larger problem — worsening flooding, and a buyout program that can’t keep up.

March 30, 2018: Harvey’s floods
Most homes damaged by Harvey were outside flood plain, data show

August 31, 2017: How Houston’s layout may have made its flooding worse

March 23, 2018: Houston Speculators Make a Fast Buck From Storm’s Misery
A new economy has arisen in the suburbs of Houston battered by storms: the buying and selling of flooded homes.

America, the City on a Hill, & the Pursuit of Happiness

41:38- The consequences of the “open borders” propaganda

February 2, 2023: Why Afghan refugees in Brazil are making dangerous US journeys
‘They were hoping to get a refuge, and they were offered the floor of the airport.’

June 29, 2023: Scores of Afghan refugees marooned at Brazilian airport

Scores of Afghan refugees marooned at Brazilian airport

Some Afghans risk 11-country trek to seek haven in United States

February 1, 2023: Insight: Hundreds of Afghans risk 11-country trek to seek haven in United States

42:50- Difference between Islam & Christianity – Equality



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