Do you know what Christmas smells like? Maybe when you think of Christmas, it reminds you of the smell of evergreens, cinnamon, and spice. The sense of smell is considered the bridge between the physical and the spiritual or unseen realm. For those who do not see with their eyes into the unseen realm, the sense of smell is a bridge for discerning that other spiritual realm.

There are specific scents that are associated with individual spirits. There is a spirit of Christmas and there is a very specific fragrance that comes along with it.

I have been encountering it for the past several weeks: at Christmas concerts, listening to my daughter practice songs for those concerts, while writing articles on Christmas, in Sunday school while telling the story of the angels announcing Jesus’ birth, and very, very intensely when the children’s choir sings.  Christmas seems just so much more this year.

It actually wasn’t until I heard the children’s choir sing that I recognized what the spirit was . . The spirit of Christmas. It wasn’t until I was reviewing my notes on my experiencing scents in the spirit that I realized what the connection was.

There are similarities between related spirits. For example, there is a very similar feel between the AntiChrist spirit and the religious spirit. They are very similar, but different. The common element between the two is that they both put their faith in something other than Christ alone.

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The Scent of Christmas

What does Christmas smell like in the spirit? It is a very intense floral perfume with just a little bit of musk. It is similar to what I first referred to as the “sanctuary” smell that I later recognized was the fragrance of the Father’s heart, which is a light floral, a little bit soapy, but very fresh and clean.

The connection between the two is Jesus. The one is of God’s love for us, but in his rest, his sanctuary. The second, the spirit of Christmas, is of that love come to earth and become man, the Word who became flesh. The intensity and the strength is the fully reality of his actual and physical presence of man.

It is the fragrance of Immanuel, God with us.