“Don’t be afraid,”. . . “Those who are with us are more than who are with them.” 2 Kings 6:16 NIV

I’m sure we can all bring to mind a Bruce Lee ninja movie or some war story where one man takes down an army. It is all bravado, chest beating, and exaltation of a man as hero.

However, this verse is from an account where it was truly one man against an army; however, he walked out without having to do a thing. Or he did, but nothing that follows a Hollywood script plot line.

Chapter 6 in 2 Kings gives an account of the prophet Elisha. The nation of Israel was constantly warring with the king of Aram. However, Israel always had the upper hand and seemed to know exactly what the king of Aram was planning on doing. As this was before the days of satellite spying, internet snooping, and phone tapping, the obvious conclusion the king of Aram came to was that there was a mole among his people that was telling Israel his plans.

There was not a traitor in Aram’s camp, it was a prophet of the Living God who heard from the Holy Spirit and would tell the king of Israel what was coming next.

So the king of Aram sent an army out to capture Elisha. Surrounding his house, there seemed to be no escape. The servant with Elisha was very afraid, but Elisha was as cool as a cucumber. He calmed his servant’s fears and asked God to open the servant’s eyes. There were #angels on horses and chariots of fire covering the hillside. God’s army was on the move.

So what happened? Probably not what you would expect if you don’t know the story.

Did God cause the ground to swallow them up like he did to Korah and those who rebelled with him? No. Did he send some sort of dust storm to take them out? No. Did he cause them to fight among themselves like he did when the army came against Jehoshaphat? No.

Elisha asked for his servant’s eyes to be opened. They were opened to the spirit realm. He asked God to strike the army with blindness, and they were blinded. Then he went to them and told them he would lead them to what they were looking for and walked them into Samaria and prayed for their eyes to be opened. They saw they were standing in the middle of Samaria in front of the king of Israel.

Elisha instructed the king to host a feast for the enemy army and send them back to their own king. The Arameans did not invade Israel again.

Again, God works in ways that we don’t expect. In this case, he not only delivered Elisha from the hands of the enemy, but he removed the animosity the Arameans had towards Israel.

If there are people in your life that are coming against and it seems as if there is no hope for resolution, remember this story. When it seems like there is no way, God can make a way. Turn to him.